Magnify Your View

By as much as 5x what your iPhone can

iPhone with PhoneScope 3D

Embraces the iPhone

Easy to



and Remove

Focus on...

...making pictures

Magnify Your View

But sometimes...

...we need more light

Magnetically attaches

Includes Ultra-Bright LEDs


...becomes this

Illuminate the Scene

There's more...

Make high


...3D surface scans

Capture it in

astounding detail

Add Dimension

The PhoneScope 3D is a new add-on which magnifies the iPhone’s back camera view with a macro lens. The macro lens will magnify the view by as much as 5x what the iPhone normally achieves. Think of it as a magnifying glass for your iPhone.

The PhoneScope 3D also includes an extra attachment which uses a ring of ultra-bright LEDs to add light to the scene. Adding light means that you can view things with more clarity and make much better pictures.

But probably the most unique function is that the PhoneScope 3D can capture 3D surface scans of your magnified views. There are no special glasses needed here. This is real 3D.

See detail like never before.